Probity and Procurement


Uprightness, undeviating honesty, integrity beyond the legal requirements


Jason Masters  and the his associates from APAC Probity Advisory and Auditing Consultants have provided Probity Advisory and Auditing services to both the Private and Public Sector, covering transactions from $150,000 to $1.4 billion in multiple jurisdictions.

As one client recently stated, we provide “fearless and professional advice”.

Having worked as buyers and suppliers, we understand all aspects of the transaction and the associated risks which provide valuable insights for our probity plans and strategies.

We provide our clients with leading, fearless and client appropriate probity guidance and advice, high quality probity audit techniques and reports to assist management and boards.

For information on some of the assignments we have undertaken, please download Probity Advisory and Audit Overview.pdf

For national support on your Probity Advisory and Auditing Consulting needs please call us on +61 1300 PROBITY (1300 776 248)

Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Systems

Jason Masters has completed international strategic consulting assignments to clients such as Cisco Systems, Getronics, GEAC Computers assisting in supplier performance, consolidation and improvements in transactional efficiency.

Jason Masters has run tenders (Requests for Tenderers or Invitation to Tender) in both the public and private sectors and had detailed understanding of the structure, process, negotiation and implementation activities to ensure the the client achieve the benefits from the tender activity.

Jason Masters has also been a strategic advisor and implementation lead for numerous e-Procurement systems across Asia, North America and Australia New Zealand.

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