Management Mentoring & Coaching

We aim to help fill a gap in the development of managers in organisations.  As many organisations have downsized or “right sized”, some of the layers of effective management has disappeared.  As costs have been cut, training of managers has been reduced or completely removed.  This has lead to an increased level of poor performance of managers in many organisations.

Jason Masters Governance is able to provide cost effective support for individuals and organisations with management mentoring and coaching, using a number of models and methods, designed to meet the unique needs of the developing managers.  Our approach includes;

  • Guide managers with the implementation of the new management techniques;
  • Monitor implementation and assist with issues and challenges;
  • Mentor managers to improve their management capability;
  • Assist with management aspects such as
    • Management approach
    • Relationships and communications
    • Managing your personal life
    • Technical development

For many individuals, working day to day in the business, they often feel there is insufficient time to develop their skills in these areas.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of development and a failure to achieve their potential.  Ultimately, the organisation fails to realise its goals from its investment in people .

Jason Masters Governance is able to provide senior personnel with a broad range of experiences to act as your coach and mentor

To discuss your management Coaching and Mentoring needs, please contact Jason Masters.

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