Expert Determination and Mediation

Jason Masters is an associate member of LEADR, Association Dispute Resolvers

Listening, contemplation, research, guidance

Jason Masters has significant expertise in areas such as information technology, major projects, major contracts, government and private sector partnerships, tenders, vendor performance, transportation and logistics, probity, professional services.


Jason Masters is able to provide independent services to assists parties in dispute to negotiate and reach a decision about their dispute, with the objective of having an agreed pathway forward.

Unlike arbitration or expert appraisal, as the mediator we do not impose a decision upon the parties.

However, using our well developed and honed facilitation and technical skills we assist the parties investigate the issues in detail, in a non adversarial manner and to identify and agree upon the best possible joint outcomes and strategy.

Mediation is particularly useful in complex matters involving parties in ongoing contact where less formal communication may be helpful.

Expert determination

This is a flexible mechanism to resolve disputes based upon the decision of an independent third party: the Expert.

The parties agree beforehand to accept the decisions of the independent expert.

The use of an “Expert” can be the most effective and time efficient process to resolve disputes which may be relatively simple in content or alternatively are essentially technical in nature.

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