Corporate Governance

Working with boards, board committees and senior executives to help with the alignment of external and internal strategies with market conditions, corporate capabilities and regulatory obligations, in a framework to manage the strategic risks.

We emphasise practical measures to help organisations to form, implement and review strategies and to manage change.

We give particular attention to developing capabilities and adapt strategic processes to the particular needs of our clients.

The type of engagements where can add value to your organisation and assist include:

  • Board and Committee performance evaluations and reviews
  • Executive coaching for directors, committee members and senior exeutives
  • Strategic review plans and implementation capabilities
  • Expert speaker on corporate governance
  • Facilitator of Board Strategy and Risk Workshops and Planning Sessions
  • Internal and performance reviews and audits
  • Independent internal audit quality assurance reviews
  • Program health checks
  • Risk management reviews
  • Control and assurance reviews
  • Performance reporting
  • Board support
  • Probity reviews
  • Sourcing assurance
  • Fraud control plans and reviews
  • Compliance programs
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